Guest view: Hard to spell Colombia without o-i-l

January 15, 2015

The U.S. miner’s $138 mln check to resolve a lawsuit over conflicts-riddled deals sets a precedent that gives shareholders more clout. It should turn up the heat on Chairman James Moffett, whose cross-holdings factored in the case. Better governance would enhance the big payout.

Latin America gets closer even as Europe cracks

By Rob Cox
December 8, 2011

Cross-border deals among South American companies, like Chilean CorpBanca’s purchase of Santander Colombia, set a new record in 2011. A single Latin currency seems remote given the euro’s woes. But as the region’s private sector consolidates, it can’t be ruled out for ever.

Oil majors can only admire Colombia’s titan

May 2, 2012

Ecopetrol may not be well known outside Latin America. But the state-controlled company just posted an enviable 50 pct EBITDA margin. At $135 bln, it’s now worth as much as BP. Replacing reserves won’t be easy. But such a well-run firm looks like the best oil play in the region.

Review: Latin America needs more Uribes

January 18, 2013

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe’s book “No Lost Causes” may be self-serving. But it shows how he helped turn war-torn Colombia from near-failed state into an investment destination. Uribe’s security gains are frail, but his successes dwarf those of his leftist peers.