Five reasons why 2010 will be greener

January 1, 2010

Economics, rather than politics, will be the main driver of the fight against global warming in 2010.

China well placed to turn green into gold

By Wei Gu
December 17, 2009

China has been reluctant to give way on climate change issues, as the stalemate at the Copenhagen summit shows. But the desire to be tough negotiators shouldn't get in the way of green initiatives. China may have more to gain than most from a global push towards a greener world, both as a heavy commodity user and as an exporter into a potential $1 trillion market.

Senate prepares cap-and-trade obituary

November 17, 2009

It is hard to get a major bill passed in a Democrat-controlled Senate when the Democratic majority leader of the Senate wants the bill to go away. And have no doubt that Senator Harry Reid would like to see cap-and-trade go away -- or at least disappear until after 2010.