Dixon: Follow Merkel on Brexit – and keep cool

June 27, 2016

While other EU leaders are pressing Britain for a quickie divorce, the German chancellor is advocating a more measured approach. This is right. There’s no need to rush as the EU can protect itself from the immediate fallout. There’s even a chance the UK could change its mind.

Dixon: Fiscal union has no place in EU Brexit plan

June 7, 2016

European politicians’ knee-jerk reaction if Britain votes to quit the European Union will be to integrate further. This would be foolish, provoking a populist backlash. A better response would be to loosen fiscal policy while embarking on bolder economic and market reforms.

UK business faces its own In-Out dilemma on Europe

January 21, 2016

The British prime minister wants companies not to “hold back” on Britain’s future in Europe. Such a call must be heeded with caution. If the pro-EU debate hinges on what’s good for business – or even worse, the City – it may backfire.

Dixon: UK’s EU bind not quite a blind alley

December 14, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron has boxed himself in by asking the EU to let him deny “in-work” benefits to European migrants. Though other countries almost certainly won’t agree to this, there may be ways out of the box. Hopefully one will work. Otherwise, the UK could quit the EU.

Heathrow offers useful dry run for Brexit debate

December 11, 2015

David Cameron has deferred a decision on airport development around London. One business group called the move “gutless”. But expansionists haven’t yet convinced the populists. As with the UK’s looming poll on EU membership, it will take more than economics to win over voters.

Dixon: How the EU could woo the UK

November 23, 2015

The British prime minister wants to rework the UK’s relationship with Europe. Once complete, other EU leaders could launch a charm offensive to persuade Britain it is valued and influential, and to vote to stay in the union. Here’s what Merkel, Hollande, Renzi, et al could say.

Dixon: Brexit debate should start with trade

November 9, 2015

The chances of the UK voting to quit the European Union are high. The damage to business if it does leave would be high too. Trade ties, and the difficulty of replacing them from outside the EU, should be front and centre of the debate.

Corbyn’s good idea on EU outweighs the bad

September 18, 2015

The new opposition leader will campaign to stay in the European Union in the UK’s forthcoming referendum. Less smart is Jeremy Corbyn’s vocal support for a financial transactions tax, which could hit growth. Still, investors will take a duff levy over EU isolation.

Cameron’s EU bind has a Marxist tinge

September 11, 2015

A European court ruling on what qualifies as working time has irked employers and delighted unions. Prime Minister David Cameron faces a dilemma as he tries to renegotiate Britain’s ties with the EU before a planned referendum. Satisfying one camp risks alienating the other.

Tide flows against UK’s pro-EU campaigners

July 24, 2015

Polls right now suggest Brits want to stay in Europe. Yet the rough handling of Greece and a proposed transatlantic trade deal are alienating left-leaning voters. Meanwhile, potential sops to those worried by immigration are very unlikely to placate eurosceptics on the right.