Cox: Argentina, Aramco are deals for tricky times

By Rob Cox
January 26, 2016

Two big transactions dominated Davos. One would open up a democracy to capital markets after years of feckless governance and isolation. The other is designed to help a repressive regime retain power. In the world’s current parlous state, it’s to be hoped that both get done.

Davos presents human display of volatility

By Rob Cox
January 22, 2016

As markets swing up and down, so do the fortunes of those parading down the Promenade at the World Economic Forum. Some of last year’s lords of the Alpine dance, like Anshu Jain or Andre Esteves, have exited, making room for debutantes. For some, this will be their last Davos.

UK business faces its own In-Out dilemma on Europe

January 21, 2016

The British prime minister wants companies not to “hold back” on Britain’s future in Europe. Such a call must be heeded with caution. If the pro-EU debate hinges on what’s good for business – or even worse, the City – it may backfire.

New index puts long-term investors to useful test

By Rob Cox
January 21, 2016

Fund heavyweights, including Canada’s CPP and GIC of Singapore, are committing $2 bln to round up some 250 stocks that meet higher standards of corporate governance and profitability. Alphabet and Facebook, worth $760 bln combined, miss the cut. That makes it a bold experiment.

Davos could do with a “DiCaprio ultimatum” on pay

January 20, 2016

Greed is a root cause of climate change, “The Revenant” star told the World Economic Forum. In reality, most global companies got that message long ago. What’s missing are leaders prepared to pin compensation to environmental targets. Davos attendees have a chance to step up.

Cox: Trump set to invade Davos if in spirit only

By Rob Cox
January 19, 2016

The blustery real estate mogul isn’t due to attend the World Economic Forum with other business and political leaders, but the force behind his unlikely campaign for the White House will. Populism finds its roots in the inequality that Davos both represents and tries to solve.

Italy gets its mojo back – at least in Davos

By Rob Cox
January 23, 2015

After keeping a lower profile as its economy contracted, the actual sick man of Europe struck “la bella figura” at the WEF annual meeting. The youthful Renzi government’s disruptive style put a spring in the step of Italy’s business leaders. Real reform, however, is only beginning.

Putin, Piketty and Draghi hit Davos in spirit only

January 23, 2015

Political and financial leaders attending the World Economic Forum’s 45th annual meeting are buzzing about rampant inequality, the ECB’s quantitative easing and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. All that’s missing from the Alpine retreat are the three provocateurs of the debates.

China’s “new normal” masks old anxieties

January 22, 2015

The latest meme, as heard in Davos, has caught on fast. As well as lower growth, it might mean an end to bad habits, a return to global greatness, or the start of a painful correction. Mostly it just disguises the fact that China’s economy is still far from normal.

Rob Cox: Davos badly needs a Henry Ford moment

By Rob Cox
January 21, 2015

The widening gap between the Capital Class and the rest threatens global prosperity. Ford was a pioneer at voluntarily paying employees more, as U.S. insurer Aetna did last week. The great American auto entrepreneur would also have applauded Obama’s plan to tax workers less.