Senate prepares cap-and-trade obituary

November 17, 2009

It is hard to get a major bill passed in a Democrat-controlled Senate when the Democratic majority leader of the Senate wants the bill to go away. And have no doubt that Senator Harry Reid would like to see cap-and-trade go away -- or at least disappear until after 2010.

Scrambling on job creation

November 12, 2009

The new emphasis on jobs might be too late. Indeed, new is the appropriate word since the first package was not geared toward creating jobs so much as increasing economic output, as Lawrence Summers recently clarified.

Will tax credit do the job for Dems?

November 6, 2009

Talk about a stunning one-two punch for Democrats. First they lose the governorships of deep-blue New Jersey and newly-blue Virginia. Now the Labor Department reports that the national unemployment rate surged to 10.2 percent in October.