Old dogs of war get mega M&A deal

September 13, 2012

Bankers often say they are in the relationship business. With the proposed EADS/BAE tie-up, this sales patter is actually true. Advisers such as Evercore’s Bernard Taylor and Gleacher Shacklock’s Tim Shacklock have been counselling these companies for donkey’s years.

Key ingredient missing for M&A revival

September 17, 2012

Glencore-Xstrata and BAE-EADS might set bankers’ hearts racing. Bulls have financial fuel: QE3 makes debt cheap. They have economic logic: revenue pressure from sluggish growth makes scale more valuable. But a wave of mergers won’t come until confidence rises too.

Franco-German politics first hurdle for BAE/EADS

September 25, 2012

The two European defence and aerospace companies can’t merge unless Paris and Berlin settle their differences over governance and shareholdings. The tension is typical of EADS’ own complex political and economic history. The BAE deal offers a golden opportunity to clear the air.

France’s silly stake obsession could kill BAE-EADS

October 8, 2012

Germany, France and the UK could agree on the BAE-EADS merger if Paris didn’t insist on keeping a large stake in the joint company, confirming the fears of the deal’s opponents. The French government doesn’t seem to get that there are other ways to remain influential.

BAE needs a new chairman

October 12, 2012

The UK defence company had to embrace the EADS deal because it was too weak to go it alone. Dick Olver, the chairman, must carry the can both for allowing BAE to slide and for poor management of the attempt to secure salvation-by-merger. Fresh leadership is required.