Rajan reforms can thrive with India’s new RBI boss

August 22, 2016

Urjit Patel is a safe choice to lead the central bank. The deputy governor was a key architect of reforms introduced by outgoing head Raghuram Rajan. To earn the same level of acclaim, Patel must see these through and ratchet up the fight against bad debts. 

Team Trump: six degrees of legal separation

August 9, 2016

Many of the rich businessmen and investors advising the GOP nominee on economic policy also are linked to his past lawsuits. Most of the cases were settled or dismissed. There's a "Team of Rivals" element to the group, but it mostly exposes Trump's litigious and mercurial nature.

Trumponomics favors pin-stripes over blue collars

August 8, 2016

The GOP presidential nominee is calling for corporate tax cuts and a halt on regulations to boost U.S. growth. Billionaire investors on his new economic team helped craft the plan. For a candidate supposedly championing the working class, Trump has a soft spot for the 1 pct.

Hong Kong’s special status is in need of renewal

August 4, 2016

The former colony has mostly thrived in the 19 years since China took charge with a promise to leave it alone until 2047. But society is divided and the rule of law under strain. Without reassurances about its long-term future, Hong Kong faces an exodus of citizens and companies.

Note to D.C.: Jack-hammer away on infrastructure

August 3, 2016

With interest rates at record lows, there's growing support on the campaign trail for rebuilding U.S. roads and bridges. Donald Trump called for at least doubling the $275 bln in spending proposed by Hillary Clinton. To grow jobs, wages and GDP, it's a policy deserving of a deal.

Tax overhaul boosts Modi’s reform credentials

August 3, 2016

India is set to pass a bill paving a path to a long-awaited goods and services tax. Exemptions will dilute the potential boost to growth. But the bill is evidence that the prime minister can compromise to get things done. That bodes well for a long wish list of other reforms.

Exchange podcast: Ruchir Sharma

By Rob Cox
August 1, 2016

Want to know which emerging markets will thrive and which will fail? Listen to Morgan Stanley Investment Management's chief global strategist as he ticks through his ten metrics for determining the fate of economies. Hint: China is in a bad place. His new book, "The Rise and Fall of Nations" has some lessons for the developing world to consider, too.

BOJ does bare minimum for Abenomics reboot

July 29, 2016

Japan's central bank added just $26 billion of equity funds to its annual asset-buying binge. That is about as little as it could do without disappointing markets or Prime Minster Shinzo Abe. The BOJ is running low on options and probably wants to keep some powder dry.

Nigeria’s problems defy central bank fixes

July 28, 2016

A hefty rate hike was a fair response to a slump in the naira that’s fuelling inflation. Yet this is unlikely to lure much foreign money back to Africa’s biggest economy. Its political, trade, and fiscal misfortunes are too pernicious for even yield-starved investors to overlook.

Sports Direct scandal debunks UK employment glory

July 22, 2016

UK lawmakers have issued a damning report on the retailer and say working conditions hark back to Victorian times. Founder Mike Ashley has big problems to fix. But there’s a wider economic malaise if workers put up with such poor treatment even when the jobless rate is very low.