Hugo Dixon: Greek election may reopen can of worms

By Hugo Dixon
August 31, 2015

Given that no party is likely to emerge from next month’s vote with a majority, it may be hard to form a strong government that can implement the country’s new bailout deal. There’s even a risk that there will be yet more elections. That could tip Greece back into crisis.

Hugo Dixon: Greece needs a second election

By Hugo Dixon
May 26, 2015

Most scenarios facing the country are bleak, but there is one outcome that is not too bad. This will require the prime minister not only to eat his words, but also to call a new election to get a fresh mandate. The timing is tough, but just doable.

Labour to gain from “follow the money” UK voting

April 24, 2015

People vote with their wallets. The governing Conservative coalition may earn credit for presiding over five years of low interest rates and a strongish pound. But a Breakingviews calculator suggests a weaker record on growth, house prices and stocks could swing votes to Labour.

Greek banks will have to live hand to mouth

January 26, 2015

After Syriza’s victory comes a long haggle over debt reduction for Athens. While this drags on, liquidity-short Greek banks have to rely on uncertain funding signed off by the ECB. The struggle to survive will delay dealing with another headache: their mountains of bad debt.

Occupy misses real threats to Hong Kong’s future

October 2, 2014

Most citizens have shied away from protests calling for electoral reform. Universal suffrage deserves public support, but erosion of rule of law and creeping censorship are bigger threats to prosperity. It’s unlikely these issues will erupt into an open standoff with Beijing.

Hong Kong shreds hopes for orderly disorder

September 29, 2014

Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets, at times clashing violently with police. Markets remain open, and the financial sector hasn’t been targeted directly. But the loss of control over a carefully planned disobedience movement has damaging long-term implications.

Tragedy may reshape Brazil economy, not just vote

August 27, 2014

Marina Silva, set to be the opposition presidential candidate after Eduardo Campos’ plane-crash death, is a fresh threat to Dilma Rousseff. Silva has long fought special interests. If she wins October’s election, a plausible outcome, Brazil could gain from less state meddling.

Review: Paul Ryan changes delivery but not direction

By Stephanie Rogan
August 22, 2014

“The Way Forward,” by the U.S. congressman and former VP candidate, is more campaign manifesto than memoir. Ryan’s rhetoric has softened but his harsh policy proposals haven’t. The title is accurate in at least one way. His austerity ideas probably will guide Republican strategy.

Guest view: Let sun shine on corporate donations

By Guest Contributor
May 29, 2014

Fresh from governance wins on dual-class shares and golden parachutes, Teamsters boss James Hoffa is taking aim at the growing role of companies in U.S. elections. Investors ought to know about these campaign contributions, he says. And it’s up to the SEC to force disclosure.

Italy’s lesson for Europe: do your homework

May 27, 2014

Matteo Renzi’s European election triumph will supercharge his reforms. The solid showing for a mainline party, despite a sickly economy, demonstrates that a strong domestic politician can be more appealing than euro-bashing. Hollande and Cameron could learn from the Italian PM.