EU offers vitamin pill to dying media patient

August 26, 2016

Brussels wants to give media the right to seek compensation from search engines like Google that use online content. The intention is laudable - some publishers may be losing out. But the proposal has similarities with schemes in Germany and Spain - which haven’t worked.

Post-Brexit UK consumers are oddly rational

August 18, 2016

Flagging confidence didn’t stop Britons from spending a month after their vote to leave the EU. Consumers may be blind to the recession threat. Or they may be anticipating that a slumping pound will push up the price of imported goods, and pre-empting higher inflation.

Contrary smoke signals bedevil Brexit firefighting

August 17, 2016

An unexpected drop in the number of people claiming jobless benefit jars with other, grimmer survey data. Monetary policy has already been eased to manage any post-vote slowdown and a fiscal stimulus is likely. Clashing signals make it harder for policymakers to target such help.

Renzi’s referendum gamble could be double or pits

August 15, 2016

Defeat in Italy's upcoming constitutional referendum could cost PM Matteo Renzi his job, and leave important reforms unfinished. A victory too could end badly. It could leave a strong Renzi government, but also pave the way for one led by the radical 5-Star party.

Commerz lays bare market over-optimism on EU banks

August 2, 2016

The German bank says negative rates will further weigh on revenues. Investors are already braced for low returns: Commerzbank trades at 0.3 times book. Still, with analysts' earnings forecasts almost twice those assumed in the EU stress test, even more caution is warranted.

Dixon: Stock markets too sanguine about Brexit

July 28, 2016

Investors think the UK will settle easily into a new deal with the European Union. More likely there will be cabinet wrangles, tortuous negotiations with the EU, and an unsatisfactory conclusion.

Fast is the enemy of good in UK trade talks

July 27, 2016

Britain is eager to sign up willing free-trade partners for when it detaches from the EU. China, a dab hand at drawing up lopsided pacts, could be a quick win for Theresa May's government. The risk is that the United Kingdom ends up with a deal that binds rather than benefits.

EasyJet is post-Brexit bet for the brave

July 21, 2016

The UK airline says it doesn’t know what security scares, currency turmoil and Britain’s exit from Europe will do to earnings. The shares have fallen around 30 pct in less than a month. Yet in past downturns easyJet has snatched market share. There’s no reason it can’t again.

The realist’s approach to Brexit

July 20, 2016

It's easy to think of things Britain might want to keep if it leaves the European Union. But an alternative approach is to work out what aspects it most wants to cast off. That leads to a difficult conclusion: what the UK really wants is what it already has.

The City will survive Britain’s big rift

July 19, 2016

The UK's Brexit vote threatens London's financial hub-ness, but it would be wrong to think in simple binary terms. Even at worst, the costs to a global bank of staying on in the UK are likely to be counterbalanced by the costs of leaving. And really, it's clients who will decide.