FIFA cover-up almost a dare for U.S. enforcers

May 27, 2015

In November, the Zurich-based World Cup organizer whitewashed an internal investigation, according to the former U.S. attorney who conducted it. Swiss authorities were alerted, but FIFA largely dismissed corruption allegations. No wonder American prosecutors have gone in hard.

U.S. well placed to blow whistle on soccer excess

May 27, 2015

Americans already act as the globe’s legal enforcer and financial regulator. Now a Federal prosecutor is filling soccer’s refereeing void with a direct tackle on its long-running corruption allegations. FIFA, the sport’s governing body, faces a long overdue reformation.

Three ways for FIFA to score on governance

June 6, 2014

Ugly allegations of corruption have caught soccer’s governing body offside. FIFA’s setup has improved lately but its congress is unrepresentative, its executive committee is too large, and its president is too powerful. The beautiful game should shoot for a hat-trick of reforms.

Cup loss wouldn’t be end of the world for Qatar

May 31, 2011

The World Cup is no small prize for Qatar. It's far from clear that the Gulf state will lose the right to host the prestigious 2022 soccer tournament. But even if the worst happened, it might do no more than put a small dent in the $77 billion of domestic spending promised as part of its aggressive bid campaign.