Viewsroom: Tribune stalls while Tesla puts pedal to metal

May 6, 2016

The newspaper chain's rejection of Gannett's hefty $815 million offer is a head-scratcher, hardly the sort of move that suggests the industry knows how to pull itself out of a prolonged slump. Can clever experiments like the New York Times' plan to deliver meals with the morning paper pump up profit? Meanwhile, Elon Musk's electric-car company is accelerating production, claiming demand is outstripping supply. Maybe that's true, but technological glitches and a lack of capital could hold the company back. And bank customers may finally get their bite back. America's consumer watchdog – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – is reviving class-action lawsuits after decades of corporate efforts to squelch people's right to go to court.

Ford schools U.S. firms on turnarounds, succession

May 1, 2014

Alan Mulally’s almost eight years at the wheel offer a textbook case of how a company can drive itself out of the scrap yard. The automaker has also done an enviable job of paving the road for the next chief executive. It’s a story corporate America should learn from.

Review: Distilling Mulally’s managerial mojo

April 27, 2012

Ford’s bickering execs quickly learned in 2006 not to underestimate their new CEO. Behind Mulally’s affable exterior lay a bright, mercurial mind. As Bryce Hoffman’s “American Icon” shows, it wasn’t Mulally alone who saved Ford. But without him, bankruptcy was far more likely.

Fiat pegs Chrysler as most undervalued carmaker

January 14, 2013

CEO Sergio Marchionne’s latest offer to buy a stake in Chrysler from the UAW trust sets the U.S. manufacturer’s worth at $6 bln. True, it lacks the cash and margins of Ford or GM. But it’s a purer play on a recovering U.S. market. Fiat can safely value Chrysler more generously.

Investors shouldn’t get too sweet on dolled-up GM

November 10, 2010

GM's $2 billion profit is impressive, but the quarterly results have been boosted in ways that will be hard to reproduce.

U.S. auto sales put brakes on economy’s detractors

April 3, 2013

Americans are buying more cars. Cheap loans and pent-up demand are factors. But so is the housing recovery. That and other economic data suggest consumers are looking beyond slimmer paychecks. Federal spending cuts allowing, that means the U.S. engine may be about to purr.

U.S. lawmakers need a dose of what’s good for Ford

July 23, 2010

U.S. lawmakers could learn from Ford. Four years ago the Detroit automaker, along with Chrysler and General Motors , was beset with crippling debt, huge employee liabilities and middling products. That's when the company brought in Alan Mulally as chief executive. He and his team kept Ford out of bankruptcy, unlike its two domestic rivals, and have turned the company into a popular brand with better U.S. earnings than a decade ago.

Prius recall puts Toyota troubles into overdrive

February 9, 2010

Toyota's troubles have shifted into overdrive.

Ford shares priced for absolute perfection

January 28, 2010

Is Ford’s auto business worth $52 billion? With the company’s stock trading at over $11 a share, that’s the value investors appear to be putting on the car operations alone.

Ford steps on gas, but congestion ahead

November 2, 2009

Ford Motor has certainly given investors plenty to cheer about: its first North American operating profit in more than four years and positive cash flow. Its credit ratings, however, remain bottom of the barrel.