Fast is the enemy of good in UK trade talks

July 27, 2016

Britain is eager to sign up willing free-trade partners for when it detaches from the EU. China, a dab hand at drawing up lopsided pacts, could be a quick win for Theresa May's government. The risk is that the United Kingdom ends up with a deal that binds rather than benefits.

Review: Trade can bring war

January 9, 2015

Intimate commercial relations do not bring international peace, as James Macdonald demonstrates in his discussion of WW1. Striving for autarky is worse. “When Globalization Fails” argues that a trusted global hegemon reduces conflicts. America’s relative decline looks ominous.

Trade should leave China and India both winners

By Wei Gu
December 14, 2010

Decades of mistrust haven't stopped China and India's trade from tripling in the past five years. Now China wants to restart free trade talks when Premier Wen Jiabao visits New Delhi later this week. India has long resisted such an agreement. Yet more open trade should leave both sides winners.