Luxury slowdown could delay Gucci revamp

January 4, 2016

The Italian brand is heading into year eight of its makeover. With a sluggish China dragging down personal luxury sales growth to 2 percent, parent Kering has picked a difficult time to bring in new bosses. Resuscitating its most important label could take longer than expected.

Biggest risk of geopolitics is as a distraction

June 26, 2014

Fears that war and foreign policy chaos will disrupt the global economy have insidiously crept into the minds of investors, Barclays discovered. In reality, despite deterioration in the Middle East, the global balance is broadly positive. There are bigger things to worry about.

Blunt instrument is needed for global house bubble

June 16, 2014

The IMF is worried about the risk of a global house price bubble. Housing markets may be regional, but low supply and excess demand are common worldwide. Macroprudential tools and construction are part of the response. But anything other than an end to cheap money is tinkering.

Stated numbers don’t tell China’s inflation story

September 8, 2011

When China reports this week that the consumer price index rose around 6 percent in a year in August, economists may say inflation has peaked. They said the same last year, when CPI was running half as fast. The problem isn't bad forecasting, but that China's headline inflation measure is flawed.

Canada’s economy hampered by troubled neighbor

September 8, 2011

Canada's economic comfort is suffering at the hands of its troubled southern neighbor. The Bank of Canada on Wednesday stopped raising interest rates at 1 percent, largely because of deteriorating U.S. conditions.

A Van Winkle return to Davos and to real problems

By Rob Cox
January 27, 2012

When this columnist last attended the World Economic Forum in 2000, everything was wine and roses. The biggest M&A deals ever were popping, the Nasdaq had another 20 pct to climb and everything looked rosy. Jump 12 years forward and it’s a different, more difficult world.

Wobbly markets face second-quarter correction

April 10, 2012

Markets are quivering again on renewed fears about global growth. But this time it would be wrong to assume that central bankers will ride to the rescue. Risk assets may face a Q2 correction as central banks - rightly - wean markets off their medicine.

Review: Fulfilling paper promises

May 25, 2012

The global economy is changing, says Philip Coggan, and people in the West may suffer as a result. Maybe so. But benefits will surely accrue widely if change means borrowers kick the habits of history and meet promises to repay creditors.

Global economy not as healthy as it looks

January 25, 2011

The global economy is not as healthy as it looks. Inflation has reared its ugly head across the globe, suggesting that many economies are growing faster than can be sustained without structural changes.

The crisis isn’t global, it’s peripheral

November 30, 2010

First Greece, then Ireland, next Portugal?