Goldman’s omerta loses force – along with brand

March 14, 2012

A banker’s public resignation has revived accusations the bank puts its interests ahead of clients, or “muppets.” Though the complaint is familiar, it’s usually kept private. The worry for Goldman is some employees are no longer scared of the firm nor take pride in its pedigree.

Goldman Sachs history shows resignation naivete

By Rob Cox
March 19, 2012

A week has gone by since Greg Smith quit the firm with a New York Times op-ed. While its resonance has been striking, its revelations, in their historical context, aren’t. Greed has always struggled with duty to clients in finance, even if it ballooned post-IPO at Goldman.

Goldman exposé doesn’t go according to plan

October 22, 2012

Greg Smith’s resignation book doesn’t blow the lid on Wall Street the way “Liar’s Poker” did. Even his purported tale of disillusionment has been done before and better by Goldman veteran Jonathan Knee. The real revelation is the firm’s apparent erosion of employment standards.

Inequality hits home for Wall Street middle class

By Rob Cox
November 12, 2012

Pity all those 30-ish Greg Smiths who entered the industry after the dot-com bust and tirelessly served MDs minting record bonuses in the leverage boom. Now comp is down and their bosses aren’t moving. Even Goldman’s partnership must make way for the new realities of finance.