Heineken’s challenge is to keep glass half full

August 1, 2016

The Dutch brewer's operating profit was strong, thanks to stellar Asian growth. But first-half revenue fell short of expectations. Headaches in Africa show that its reliance on emerging markets comes with a snakebite of currency, macroeconomic and geopolitical hazards.

Heineken strength justifies mega-merger abstinence

October 28, 2015

The Dutch brewer’s quarterly sales increased 8 pct year-on-year. That’s better than latest figures from SABMiller and AB InBev. Carlsberg dropped 4 pct last quarter. While Heineken’s three global peers are chasing growth through change, the green-bottle brewer is sitting pretty.

Heineken squares circle with FEMSA beer deal

January 11, 2010

Dutch brewer Heineken has managed a delicate balancing act in clinching the auction for the beer business of Mexico's FEMSA.