Hertz gears up for another financial spin

August 21, 2014

Carl Icahn is the latest to buy into the struggling $14 bln car rental firm. Over nearly a century, automakers GM and Ford, an airline, a 1960s conglomerate, private equity and the public have owned Hertz. It’s a perennial investor plaything. Maybe Uber could even be next.

Hertz puts the thrifty in Dollar Thrifty purchase

April 26, 2010

It's true, Dollar Thrifty would have been a considerably bigger bargain a year ago. Its shares have skyrocketed from under a dollar last March to nearly $39 on Friday. Yet even at that price, its valuation lagged competitors. Stripping out the depreciation and debt on Dollar Thrifty's vehicle fleet, the company's enterprise value to estimated 2010 EBITDA was under five times, according to Goldman Sachs, compared to more than eight times for both Avis Budget and Hertz.