Storm dents Wall Street but spares U.S. election

October 30, 2012

The force of Hurricane Sandy left much of Lower Manhattan dark and could cost $20 bln or more. Luckily for voters, the weather arrived a full week before the Nov. 6 vote. The pundits will spin it, but the political impact of chaos in mostly Obama-leaning states is probably small.

Chris Christie may soon feel Barack Obama’s pain

November 5, 2012

New Jersey’s Republican governor faces a Sandy-related revenue hit that will make it hard to balance the budget, as mandated. Deeper cuts to services or even a tax hike may be needed. Christie gets his chance to show the president he opposes how leadership and compromise work.

Sandy fiasco reveals investor-customer disconnect

November 7, 2012

The storm that created up to $50 bln of damage across the East Coast left 8 mln customers without power, and ornery. Politicians are hopping mad, too. Yet the market values of the region’s major power utilities barely took a hit. If regulators do their job, that won’t last.