Corporate carbon bubble may start to deflate

December 12, 2012

Science points to the potential for climate shocks in burning through just current proven oil, gas and coal reserves. Stock-market valuations of miners and oil groups don’t reflect the risk of a policy response. In 2013, investors may wake up to a carbon-constrained future.

Five reasons why 2010 will be greener

January 1, 2010

Economics, rather than politics, will be the main driver of the fight against global warming in 2010.

Oops, the IEA has noticed the glut of natural gas

November 5, 2009

Real life in the energy business has an impressive record of bringing acute disappointment to the pessimists. We’re always about to run out, but somehow we never do. Now the latest World Energy Outlook, leaked to the FT a week early, delivers fresh embarrassment their way.