Guest view: Where is the IMF on Greece?

October 3, 2016

The seemingly endless Greek crisis may erupt again unless the country gets debt relief, writes former Citibank executive William Rhodes. The International Monetary Fund should take the lead in spelling out economic forecasts and the decisions Greece and its creditors must take.

Egypt’s IMF cure poses health risk for Middle East

August 5, 2016

The most populous Arab state wants a $12 bln IMF deal, but not the harsh austerity sometimes attached. Funding would boost the economy, but reforms could also stoke unrest. In a country at the centre of uprisings that swept across the region six years ago, that's no small risk.

Greek deal is rational, predictable, messy

May 25, 2016

Both the IMF and Europe have compromised in Greece’s new debt plan. Athens’ fiscal targets are looser, but less so than the IMF wanted. Its debt costs will fall, but the relief is vague. There’s a hoary cliche about kicking the can down the road. This doesn’t even go that far.

Dixon: Greece’s problems could become Britain’s

April 4, 2016

If the IMF and the EU can’t quickly resolve their conflict over Greece’s bailout, graphically highlighted by a WikiLeaks transcript, Athens could run out of cash in July. The sense of crisis would mount in the preceding weeks, just as the UK votes on whether to stay in the EU.

German CDS imply bank doom loop is unbroken

February 10, 2016

Market turbulence has led investors to snap up safe German bonds, yet the cost of insuring against a Teutonic default is up. Blame a rout in Deutsche Bank shares. Until Europe’s banking union is complete, governments are the ultimate backstop if big lenders get into trouble.

U.S. OK for IMF reforms could come just in time

December 17, 2015

Congress has wedged ratification of five-year-old changes into a deal to keep Washington running. The measures would give China and other emerging economies more say. With Venezuela one country that looks close to default, the IMF may soon need all the unity it can muster.

China will find schmoozing IMF was the easy bit

November 30, 2015

The yuan has made it into the global lender’s basket of reserve currencies, despite China’s patchy reform record and clumsy market interventions. For Beijing politicians, getting into the IMF’s club is itself a reward. Persuading investors to want more yuan will be tougher.

Energy subsidies will test Saudi’s pain threshold

October 29, 2015

The kingdom is considering how to claw back the $107 bln it foregoes each year by subsidising the price of domestic energy. Without that support, companies would be uncompetitive and subjects angry. But the impact of low oil prices makes giveaways an unaffordable luxury.

IMF’s new head economist is imaginative realist

July 21, 2015

Maurice Obstfeld will bring a nuanced approach to the global lender. The Berkeley professor emphasises the importance of strong institutions and is doubtful about pure market dogma. His pragmatic respect for the nuances could help both developing economies and the euro zone.

Hugo Dixon: Syriza split best outcome for Greece

July 11, 2015

PM Alexis Tsipras secured overwhelming parliamentary backing for his U-turn on austerity and reform, but his party has splintered. A new government, which is more serious about implementing whatever bailout programme is negotiated with creditors, will now probably be formed.