Apple needs good, not just better, supply chain

March 7, 2012

Despite the bad press, Chinese workers preparing the iPad 3 are treated less badly than many in electronics - which in turn beats the toy and clothing sectors. But with the “lonely leadership” of Apple’s brand and cash, doing things relatively well isn’t enough.

Sweat-free iPads come at a price worth paying

March 30, 2012

Apple scores points for pushing to improve life for workers at the Foxconn “iGadget” factories in mainland China. But change may have been inevitable thanks to rising wealth and labour shortages. Consumers, ultimately, may have to foot the bill, but they should be OK with that.

Apple results shrink iPad mini’s relevance

October 25, 2012

Hawking nearly 27 mln iPhones last quarter dwarfs all the hoopla around the launch of the tinier tablet, which may sell about the same amount in a year. Moreover, iPad margins don’t compare – and the mini’s will be smaller still. The phone still energizes the Apple ecosystem.

Apple infighting may be sign of golden age waning

October 31, 2012

The company’s genius has been the smooth integration of art and engineering. Steve Jobs kept an uneasy peace between the two. With mobile software chief Scott Forstall out, design guru Jony Ive will rule over hardware and software. Apple needs mastery of both.

Apple means (almost) never having to say sorry

November 1, 2012

The tech giant apologized for a flawed maps app. But it resisted a UK court order to admit that Samsung hadn’t infringed on the iPad. Now the judges are demanding strict compliance. CEO Tim Cook, it appears, has as little appetite for humble pie as his predecessor Steve Jobs.

iPad’s destructive reach extends further faster

October 8, 2010

The iPad's destructive reach seems to be extending further and faster. Apple's tablet is taking off at a breakneck rate. Analysts now predict up to 40 million will be sold in 2011. With personal incomes and spending stagnant, it's looking like a zero-sum game in consumer electronics. Forget PCs and netbooks. The iPad will eat into camera and GPS device sales too.

When should investors sell their Apple stock?

September 7, 2010

The group's push overseas and into the business market still holds promise, as does the steady stream of fresh gadgets such as Apple TV, unveiled by chief executive Steve Jobs last week. Apple's trajectory should continue for some time ...

iPad shift may wreak havoc on parts of tech sector

August 2, 2010

In tech, one winner usually takes most of the spoils. With that in mind, Breakingviews has compiled a list of the potential losers -- from the obvious to the indirect.