Apple’s new iPhone is about eyes more than ears

September 7, 2016

Removal of the headphone jack has created most of the buzz. That and other new features in the latest iteration are enough to sell plenty of upgrades. A new camera, however, hints at Apple's ambitions in virtual and augmented reality, which could be the bigger temptation.

Apple has time on its side

July 21, 2015

The iPhone’s frenetic Chinese growth powered a 33 pct rise in revenue. Marginally softened forecasts for the next few months nevertheless knocked $50 bln off Apple’s value. Minimal information about Watch sales also disappointed. A little patience, however, will go a long way.

iPhone 4S unleashes more creative destruction

October 4, 2011

Apple has an astonishing ability to casually unleash creative destruction. Its latest iPhone, the 4S, offers faster data-processing and downloads, as well as voice-powered software.

Hot speech tech firm’s story is too complicated

October 26, 2011

Getting machines to understand speech is a technology hot spot. Nuance Communications is a powerhouse in the field. But Nuance's sky-high valuation multiple is a stretch.

Samsung investors should worry less about Apple

May 17, 2012

The Korean company’s shares slid over fears Apple might use fewer of its chips, and buy more Japanese ones instead. Apple may diversify its suppliers, but that just reflects the fact that smartphone demand is outpacing parts supply. Samsung’s valuation looks too low.

iPhone anniversary marks triumph over crisis

June 29, 2012

Apple rolled out its iconic gadget five years ago, just as Bear Stearns subprime hedge funds sounded the alarm on systemic trauma. Financial woe often impedes development by stifling R&D budgets. But the iPhone is proof of how innovation can defy the odds and overcome hard times.

Apple’s iPhone offers subtle and sublime charms

September 12, 2012

The unveiling of the company’s latest handset was a bit of a snooze. It is lighter, comes with a bigger screen and longer battery life. Better isn’t as exciting as new. But throw in improved software and it’s enough to be a big hit with consumers - and Apple investors, too.

Apple’s Maps snafu nothing new – just bigger

September 28, 2012

CEO Tim Cook has apologized for leaving users frustrated - and lost. Launch problems aren’t new. Steve Jobs flubbed iPhone pricing, MobileMe and an antenna. For now Maps is only a hiccup. But Apple’s size and rising competition make avoiding slip-ups increasingly important.

Apple results shrink iPad mini’s relevance

October 25, 2012

Hawking nearly 27 mln iPhones last quarter dwarfs all the hoopla around the launch of the tinier tablet, which may sell about the same amount in a year. Moreover, iPad margins don’t compare – and the mini’s will be smaller still. The phone still energizes the Apple ecosystem.

Apple infighting may be sign of golden age waning

October 31, 2012

The company’s genius has been the smooth integration of art and engineering. Steve Jobs kept an uneasy peace between the two. With mobile software chief Scott Forstall out, design guru Jony Ive will rule over hardware and software. Apple needs mastery of both.