The German prosecutor says Andreas Lubitz was certified as a pilot despite treatment for suicidal tendencies. He seems to have deliberately crashed the Germanwings plane he was flying. The disaster looks like an aberration, but the industry’s approach to pilots needs a rethink.

Nigeria’s democratic change is a real positive

Africa’s biggest economy is set for its first peaceful transfer of power. Election winner Muhammadu Buhari, a 1980s junta leader, will find ruling harder now. Meaningful reform will take years. Still, better governance is good news for the populace and outside investors alike.

Tata Motors' $1.2 bln share issue is well timed

The carmaker wants to raise cash to reduce debt and fund growth. Its struggling domestic unit, propped up by Jaguar Land Rover, is benefiting from a recent change in strategy. A full turnaround will depend on a pickup of economic activity in India.

Rob Cox: Eat or be eaten is real Kraft calculus

It had a chance to buy Heinz two years ago. Instead of securing more of the combined value for itself, it’s now ceding control and renting its balance sheet. While selling to Warren Buffett gives the board cover, it raises questions about the sort of managers shareholders want.

Charter deal may not be final word on Bright House

The $10.4 bln acquisition, contingent on Comcast buying Time Warner Cable, suggests some confidence those rivals will get approval. If not, however, the U.S. cable puzzle could realign. Charter again might chase Time Warner Cable, which actually has first dibs on Bright House.

Silicon Valley's noble goals hit home in Indiana

Apple, Google and other technology companies often fall short of promises to make the world a better place. Opposing discriminatory laws in the Hoosier State and elsewhere could make up for lost ground. An economic boycott helps put weight behind the industry’s lofty ideals.

Philips earns credibility with lighting selloff

The Dutch group sold 80 pct of its lighting components unit for $2.8 bln. An Asian tech fund paid a surprisingly high 1.65 times last year’s sales. Buyout firms’ hunger for corporate cast-offs helped lift the price. A bigger test looms: splitting off the main lights business.