Oracle-NetSuite deal may be sweetest for Ellison

July 28, 2016

The business-software company is paying $9.3 bln, a whopping 44 pct premium, for a cloud-computing company effectively controlled by the Oracle CEO. The deal makes strategic sense, but Ellison looks to be once again cashing in on a side investment at Oracle's expense.

Oracle suit gives Google a chance not to be evil

May 15, 2012

The search giant has been thumped on privacy, antitrust and governance grounds. But it looks almost virtuous in a patent spat with troll-like Oracle. Investors and watchdogs may still have beefs, but for now Google can milk its role as defender of software’s right to be free.

HP’s Autonomess should devour Marc Andreessen, too

By Rob Cox
November 20, 2012

The Silicon Valley visionary behind Netscape goaded Leo Apotheker, the CEO he recruited to HP, to bet big on Autonomy as part of his “software eating the world” thesis. Andreessen was also integral to the value-destructive Palm deal. HP’s board would be better off without him.