Oracle suit gives Google a chance not to be evil

May 15, 2012

The search giant has been thumped on privacy, antitrust and governance grounds. But it looks almost virtuous in a patent spat with troll-like Oracle. Investors and watchdogs may still have beefs, but for now Google can milk its role as defender of software’s right to be free.

Apple may bury hatchet with Google just not yet

August 31, 2012

Apple may bury the hatchet with Google - just not quite yet. It's no shock their chiefs, Tim Cook and Larry Page, are talking. The iPhone maker's sweeping U.S. patent win over Samsung is a blow to the search giant, too. But the rivals' clashing business models make peace difficult.

Google sets surprising example for CEO succession

January 20, 2011

Usually it's the founders that step aside for professional managers. But Google's young co-founders did that a decade ago. This adds a fresh blueprint for Silicon Valley's new crop of geniuses.