U.S. anti-gun rulings put freer markets in sight

March 8, 2016

Courts have upheld assault-weapons bans, adding heft to a Connecticut suit that tests laws shielding firearms firms from liability. The case is still a stretch, but growing assent to gun-rights limits may force the likes of Remington to compete without unfair legal protection.

VW victims eclipsed by firms that bet on lawsuits

November 17, 2015

A firm backed by hedge fund Elliott is bankrolling a case claiming the carmaker duped shareholders. There are other customer and investor actions, too. The financial muscle makes huge awards more likely. But the real losers may take a back seat if court fights are just business.

Mylan may have found cure for the common conflict

May 4, 2015

The drugmaker sued its former lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis for advising Teva on its $40 bln hostile bid to buy the company. The attorneys say Mylan agreed, but a court may finally rule such waivers unethical. Even better would be if the case emboldens clients to stop signing them.

Rob Cox: Silicon Valley’s boom-boom room moment

By Rob Cox
March 3, 2015

These days the talk of the geek enclave isn’t the latest Mary Meeker report or mega-IPO but complex legal complaints alleging naughty behavior by leading venture capitalists. The lawsuits are the latest reminder that the tech industry’s moral exceptionalism is undeserved.

Europe could edge past U.S. in race to courthouse

December 17, 2014

New rules and bank scandals boost financial fraud and class-action filings in Britain. Patent combatants flock to German judges. And spats over failed investments clog EU courts. The upshot: a lawsuit boom that may topple America as the world’s business litigation capital.

Thermostat spat puts old heat on new cool

February 9, 2012

Honeywell says Nest Labs stole its ideas, though some seem obvious. True or not, the upstart outdid the old-line firm with a temperature controller of Apple-like elegance. When new companies produce something better, older ones should flex competitive muscles before legal ones.

Fortune 500 plays tough for home-court advantage

March 8, 2012

Weary of fighting shareholders in multiple states, big U.S. companies want to force M&A lawsuits into their preferred forum, Delaware. But investors deserve a say in the matter. Deal lawyers and bankers will give the hot-button issue a hearing at their annual New Orleans confab.

Greedy law schools taught jobless grads too well

March 16, 2012

Disgruntled lawyers are suing their alma maters for exaggerating employment prospects. That seems fitting for a litigious lot with buyers’ remorse over a $120,000 education. A lousy job market isn’t the schools’ fault, but training these cheeky legal eagles may be.

Tech patent arbitrage spawns trolls and exchanges

July 15, 2010

EBay is being sued for $3.8 billion by an outfit called XPRT Ventures. It's not alone. Many big technology companies are regularly hit by patent infringement lawsuits. It's lucrative for the plaintiffs -- but terribly inefficient. There are better ways to balance invention and reward.

SAC staffers take the bullet meant for Cohen

July 25, 2013

Unable to nail the billionaire hedge fund boss, the U.S. has charged his firm instead. SAC may be culpable, but the allegations largely involve actions years ago by ex-employees. That leaves current staff to suffer the fallout. There’s too much spite mixed in with the justice.