UK blithely signs up to Germany’s worst idea

June 10, 2015

Chancellor George Osborne is to enshrine budget surpluses in state legislation. For a nation with low interest rates and sagging productivity, aping German deficit-phobia is nuts. But plain thinking wins votes because the public has learned to mistrust the wisdom of economists.

Silicon Valley’s noble goals hit home in Indiana

March 31, 2015

Apple, Google and other technology companies often fall short of promises to make the world a better place. Opposing discriminatory laws in the Hoosier State and elsewhere could make up for lost ground. An economic boycott helps put weight behind the industry’s lofty ideals.

U.S. energy bill beneficiary redefines going green

December 13, 2011

Oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens and U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi are oddly aligned. A fuel subsidy proposal, if passed, would make them both richer because of their stakes in a “green” firm that would benefit. Congressional trading rules need an overhaul now more than ever.

Fiscal cliff “Cialis plan” deserves firm support

By Rob Cox
June 25, 2012

That’s the love-pill codename for a bill Erskine Bowles, of Simpson-Bowles fiscal reform fame, is pushing in Congress to help Uncle Sam avoid severe dysfunction at year-end. Politicians fiddling with JPMorgan trades and Mexican guns could use a cure for when it’s urgently needed.

Pandora’s income stream on congressional playlist

October 1, 2012

The online radio company is shackled by music royalties that lock up about half its revenue. Newly proposed U.S. legislation would cut those costs to as low as the 8 pct paid by rival Sirius XM. A Breakingviews calculator shows just how much value that would release for Pandora.