Super Mario Bros need a relaunch

May 31, 2012

Italy will be next in the firing line if the Spanish and Greek crises worsen. The ECB’s Mario Draghi will then need to ride to the rescue. But, in return, Italian PM Mario Monti will probably be required to inject extra impetus into his reforms.

For Italy, crisis freedom is almost within reach

September 11, 2012

Rome is half out of the woods. The promise of aggressive ECB bond-buying has stabilised markets and brought yields down. But Italy needs to keep up with reforms amid austerity and recession. Its Achilles heel - political chaos - could drag it back into bailout territory.

How “SuperMario” can revive EU market

October 21, 2009

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has made a smart move in mandating Mario Monti to recommend ways to relaunch the European Union's vital single market.