Goldman chums return John Thain to semi-importance

July 22, 2014

Merrill Lynch’s last boss has been doing penance running lending minnow CIT for four years. Now he’s spending $3.4 bln to buy OneWest, the remains of a bust bank revived by fellow Goldman alums. It’s a smart deal that restores Thain’s membership in the SIFI club, if only just.

Imagine if Merrill had been smart like Goldman

By Rob Cox
October 14, 2011

Imagine if Merrill Lynch had been smarter, like Goldman Sachs, a few years ago.

JPMorgan’s crisis lead appears to have vanished

April 2, 2010

JPMorgan's crisis lead appears to have vanished.

End the Ken Lewis horror show

October 16, 2009

Ken Lewis’ stewardship over his big bank of horrors needs to end now.

If there was any doubt that Bank of America would be better off with an interim chief executive instead of letting Lewis keep the seat warm for another few months, the bank’s dismal third-quarter earnings should put that notion to rest.

BofA and the succession obsession

October 5, 2009

Wall Street loves to speculate about who may be the chief executive in waiting at some large company. That obsession with succession is evident in the wake of Ken Lewis' decision to step downas chief executive of Bank of America by year-end.

The real deal with Ken Lewis

October 1, 2009

The myth of Ken Lewis as an exemplary dealmaker persists in some corners of Wall Street, even as he's being driven out of Bank of America because of his handling of his last and most controversial deal -- the acquisition of Merrill Lynch. It's time to put this myth to rest.