Microsoft gets $7.6 billion wakeup call from Nokia

July 8, 2015

The U.S. software goliath is writing off most of what it paid for the Finnish business in 2014. Microsoft’s M&A-related writedowns tally $14 bln over the past three years. CEO Satya Nadella, who has already splurged on Minecraft and eyed Salesforce, should be taking the hint.

Would Microsoft really want to own Salesforce?

May 6, 2015

Buying the cloud-based customer-service software could make businesses less likely to ditch Office. It might, however, cost Microsoft some $60 bln, more than all past deals combined. A bold bet for boss Satya Nadella would create earnings dilution that annoys his shareholders.

Ballmer’s exit value is now Nadella’s to preserve

August 20, 2014

Microsoft’s market capitalization grew by over $100 bln from the day about a year ago the longtime CEO said he would resign to Tuesday, when he left the board. With his predecessor fading from the picture, maintaining the momentum is now firmly in new boss Satya Nadella’s hands.

Mini-me tech bubble is mere shadow of 2000 excess

May 5, 2014

The run-up may have paused, but dozens of companies are in line to float, hubris is rampant, oddball metrics abound, and revenue-free startups are still worth fortunes. Even nerd culture has become hip. The latest internet boom is as absurd as the last, but it’s far smaller.

Microsoft gets message late on China market

By Wei Gu
July 5, 2011

Microsoft has belatedly got the message: going it alone in China is no fun.

Microsoft ought to kick off search for Bing buyer

July 22, 2011

Microsoft needs to concentrate on a different kind of search: finding a buyer for Bing, its online search business. The division that houses Bing lost $2.6 billion in the latest fiscal year. Facebook, or even Apple, might make a better home for Bing. And a sale would be a boon for Microsoft's investors.

Forget the IPO, Facebook could reverse into Yahoo

By Rob Cox
September 12, 2011

Now that Yahoo has fired its chief executive, anything could happen to the rudderless Internet hodgepodge.

Google finds new tech expectations hard to meet

January 20, 2012

The Internet giant’s revenue rocketed 25 pct, but its shares still plunged after hours. Google failed to match Wall Street’s hopes, whereas Microsoft and IBM’s more pedestrian results reassured. In uncertain times, the old guard’s predictability can trump edgier possibilities.

Microsoft tablet suffers from lack of greatness

June 19, 2012

The software giant’s latest foray into consumer gadgets looks better than earlier attempts - remember Zune? That’s good, as a growth of mobile devices leaves it no choice but to compete with Apple and Android. But while its tablets show some promise, that’s probably not enough.

Will Microsoft learn through self-flagellation?

July 3, 2012

The software giant squandered shareholder treasure for years to break into internet services, gaming and consumer electronics. Writing down the $6 bln it blew on aQuantive should mark a turning point where Microsoft at long last returns to its knitting and focuses on enterprise.