Would President Romney sell Uncle Sam’s GM stake?

February 16, 2012

Sure, governments should try not to hold stakes in private firms. But selling now, as Political Romney just proposed, would cost taxpayers $14 bln. That’s a hit Private Equity Romney would surely avoid. As long as D.C. leaves GM alone, it’s smarter to wait for a better price.

Private equity may owe Obama a debt of gratitude

May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney has weakly rebutted the president’s attacks on his Bain Capital tenure. But others who see the good side of buyouts are gradually speaking up. Election-year mud-slinging could end up boosting the industry, especially if LBO firms themselves seize the moment.

Obama job adds match Bush, Clinton but not Reagan

September 7, 2012

Thirty months after the U.S. nadir, employment is a bit over 3 pct higher. That’s in line with the post-recession record of the last 2-1/2 presidents - but far short of Reagan’s 10 pct. The August picture was also mixed: both presidential hopefuls, and the Fed, get talking points.

U.S. political jamborees alienate Mr. Market

September 10, 2012

The stark contrasts in tone at the Charlotte and Tampa conventions mirror the different options facing Americans. Republicans and Mitt Romney served up fiscal spinach while Democrats and Barack Obama dangled pro-worker red meat. Neither choice is likely to thrill investors.

Percentage-mania builds confidence in 50-50 world

By Rob Cox
September 24, 2012

Romney’s 14.1 percent tax rate is the latest headline-grabbing hard number. It follows his 47 percent of slackers, Occupy’s unequal 1 percent, and the euro 7 percent yield-cliff, to name a few. The percentage fixation can make the world look clearer, sometimes dangerously so.

Forming ECON Team 4 is next president’s top task

By Rob Cox
October 2, 2012

Thanks to the fiscal cliff, whoever occupies the White House won’t have the luxury of choosing the first big legislative priority. Striking a bipartisan mega-deal to fix Uncle Sam’s finances will be priority one. Use our new Dream Team Machine to create an economic delta force.

Nine answers that should win the White House

October 3, 2012

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney need to explain how they would fix the U.S. economy when the first of their debates kicks off on Wednesday evening. Breakingviews concocts the nine answers we’d love to hear.

Romney’s foreign policy doesn’t seem so austere

October 9, 2012

The Republican indicates a George W. Bush-like interventionist approach, another step away from the party’s pre-World War Two isolationism. That could lead to more Middle East conflict and defense spending, eating savings from thriftier budgets. It’s also just as risky as Obama’s stance.

Breakingviews e-book: The U.S. election

October 16, 2012

America is divided. That at least is the message from the two parties in the run up to Nov. 6 U.S. presidential and congressional votes. With Barack Obama and Mitt Romney neck-and-neck in polls, our latest e-book examines how we got here, and the main fiscal and economic challenges facing the next American president.

Last U.S. debate neglects foreign policy realities

October 23, 2012

Listening to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spar, it would have been easy to forget that Europe exists, free trade matters or global coordination of finance remains a priority. Worse, the politically facile China-bashing suggests both men are missing the big opportunity.