Rob Cox: Wall Street’s rave party feels the drop

By Rob Cox
September 3, 2015

Robert Sillerman’s attempt to roll up the electronic dance music business is collapsing not long after UBS, Barclays and Jefferies helped his SFX Entertainment go public. Live Nation may once again turn out to be the buyer of a Sillerman creation, but this time will be different.

Rob Cox: Wall Street suits revel in Bonnaroo vibe

By Rob Cox
May 7, 2015

Live Nation’s purchase last week of control in the iconic jam-band gathering forced financial analysts to turn their spreadsheets on an unusual target: 80,000 sweaty hippies in the Tennessee woods. Though peak festival seems nigh, investors are enjoying the scene for now.

Free spirit (and marketing power) of Lollapalooza doesn’t come cheap

By Rob Cox
October 7, 2014

In an era when everything is shared or rented, including music, there’s a premium to be paid for actual experience – like, say, a festival. That partly explains the media mogul’s interest in Live Nation, which is stalking the promoter behind Lollapalooza and other big gigs.

What hedge funds share with rock’n’roll festivals

By Rob Cox
August 3, 2012

Not a lot, at first sight. But both are subject to the law of large numbers. Festivals like this weekend’s Pickathon are limiting entry to make the experience less mundane. And the likes of Moore Capital are seeking better-than-average returns by shrinking, too.