A manifesto for Occupy Wall Street

October 5, 2011

For public relations professionals, the wannabe protesters in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan must inspire mixed feelings. The location works and the crowd makes for good TV, but crunchy soundbites are hard to find.

Rebellious echoes

October 12, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protesters may not know much about Coxey’s Army. But like the current demonstrations, Jacob Coxey’s 1894 March on Washington occurred after a period of economic turmoil that increased inequality and followed a crash of the financial system.

Life continues sweetly for the .001 percent

November 10, 2011

Hours after another market meltdown, plutocrats spent over $300 mln at Sotheby’s in what connoisseurs called an epic auction of contemporary art. Celebrity chef Mario Batali also learned that even besieged bankers wield clout. This time doesn’t seem all that different.

Insider trading another reason to Occupy Congress

November 14, 2011

Forget Wall Street for a bit. Politicians, especially those keen on light regulation, did much to create the financial crisis. Fresh news of U.S. lawmakers trading on inside information is further reason for mistrust. Public ire could usefully target this big problem.

Even Predators’ Ball saves a dance for 99 pct

By Rob Cox
May 2, 2012

The annual Beverly Hills gathering of Mike Milken’s 3,000 closest friends retains some vestiges of its racier past. But there’s an emerging consensus among this elite demimonde that rising wealth inequality is a problem. The solutions, however, are fundamentally polarizing.

Election reveals clear calculus: 47 pct > 1 pct

November 9, 2012

Ultra-wealthy candidates and supporters - from the billionaire Koch brothers and their man Mitt Romney to pro wrestling maven Linda McMahon - learned the hard way that money can’t buy everything in America. Voting rights can be a great equalizer in a land of income inequality.