Pandora investor hits right note with sale push

May 17, 2016

Activist Keith Meister’s firm urges the online music service to find buyers after becoming its largest shareholder. A costly purchase, CEO change and lack of song rights suggest the company’s fading. Rivals Spotify and Sirius XM are possible partners. The board should be all ears.

Pandora sends out bad signal with CEO change

March 28, 2016

The $2.5 bln streaming-music service abruptly replaced its boss with co-founder Tim Westergren. It’s a worrying sign with Pandora reportedly up for sale amid stiffer competition from Spotify and others. Companies that call on entrepreneurs later in life also have a mixed record.

Pandora’s huge price tag misses old-school model

June 3, 2011

Investors should be going in with their eyes, not just their ears, open. Pandora's business model is pretty old school.