BT gets better side of deal with its pension fund

March 23, 2012

The UK telco’s stock rose 6 pct after it said its pension deficit had more than halved to 4 bln stg and unveiled a plan to shrink the liability further by 2021. The market reaction is understandable. The pension scheme’s trustees could have demanded a faster fix to the problem.

BT shows its pensions sore to Ofcom

November 12, 2009

BT’s equivalent of the Beggar’s Sore is its pension fund. Look at this bleeding stump, it says, and give generously. On Thursday, Britain’s privatised telecom operator turned in some rather good trading figures, and then spoilt the effect with an update on its pension deficit – 9.4 billion pounds before tax relief as at 30 September, more than double the figure last March.