Review: Devaluing the priceless

May 11, 2012

What do you call someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing? A cynic, said Oscar Wilde. An economist, says Michael Sandel, whose book “What Money Can’t Buy” explores the corrosive effects of glibly unleashing market forces where they don’t belong.

Review: Looking for an honest man

June 29, 2012

Most people will cheat, but only to the point where they can still say they are honest, behavioral economist Dan Ariely writes in a new book. Dishonesty is contagious and can be fostered by anger, fatigue, self-regard and even altruism. Yet simple tools can temper the lying urge.

Review: Pragmatic management wisdom from the East

September 21, 2012

Can businessmen learn from Confucius? Academics Ikujiro Nonaka and Zhichang Zhu argue that a flexible Eastern approach to decision-making provides a good framework for managers everywhere. The philosophy is a little hazy, but cultural fusion makes sense in a globalised world.