Renzi’s Italian gamble is worth taking

April 30, 2015

Premier Matteo Renzi is using confidence votes to ram though electoral reform. He risks a government collapse, and has nearly torn his own party apart. Yet the law should reshape Italian politics for the better - and help the economy.

Boris should pay up but not shut up over U.S. tax

November 24, 2014

The London mayor, an American citizen, objects to paying a U.S. capital gains levy on his UK residence. Uncle Sam’s ex-pat tax laws are worthy of reform. But if Johnson really cares about that, the way to show it is to clear his debt and then campaign for change.

Review: China gives Africa handy investment lesson

By Stephanie Rogan
June 6, 2014

Howard French’s new book paints an unflattering picture of the PRC’s heavy involvement in Africa. But China’s presence is not all bad. At a minimum, it gives African governments and businesses a benchmark for other offers now that the continent is attracting Western interest too.

Review: Redeemers who led Latin America astray

April 20, 2012

The Spanish-American War led a group of intellectuals and charismatic politicians to anti-Americanism. The resulting deep antipathy to free markets led to a century of relative economic decline. The continent should ignore its intellectuals and listen to worthy business leaders.