Trump and UK’s Leave campaign are peas in a pod

By Rob Cox
June 27, 2016

Like the Brexiteers, the presidential nominee says things often disproven by facts. He makes promises without plans to enact them. When these prove unworkable, there’s regret and backtracking. By invoking NATO’s future, the stakes may be as high or higher for a Trump victory.

Britain was lost on the playing fields of Eton

June 27, 2016

The school’s alumni include outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron and Boris Johnson, who hopes to replace him. The Duke of Wellington supposedly attributed his victory at Waterloo to an Eton education. Cameron’s folly in calling an EU referendum suggests less desirable aspects.

Britain’s EU vote: a guide for the perplexed

June 23, 2016

The UK is about to vote on whether to leave the European Union. In many ways, Britain is already a euro-anomaly. Whichever way the public votes, the referendum will leave scars, and usher in big changes that go beyond the EU’s borders – whatever shape those may take.

France at risk of catching referendum bug

June 21, 2016

Giving French voters a say on EU membership would pose a far bigger risk to the bloc than the British vote. Mainstream Gallic politicians know this. Yet the rise of the far right could make it tempting to take the sort of pre-election gamble that enticed UK premier David Cameron.

from Viewsroom:

Viewsroom: Breakingviews on Brexit

June 10, 2016

Imagine Britain votes on June 23 to leave the European Union. What happens next? Breakingviews writers George Hay, John Foley, Neil Unmack, Swaha Pattanaik and Olaf Storbeck discuss the possible consequences for markets, trade, growth and the future of the EU.

Abenomics has over-promised and under-delivered

May 17, 2016

Shinzo Abe has spent more than three years pushing for higher growth, faster inflation and a nimbler economy. But success eludes the Japanese prime minister, who has been too timid with the public purse. Keeping the project going calls for extra spending and even easier money.

India’s Modi can reclaim his “wow” factor

May 16, 2016

Two years after a landslide election, business executives are losing confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Passing a bankruptcy code last week was a major achievement but other landmark reforms look harder to achieve unless Modi reins in his party from divisive politicking.

Carly Fiorina signs up to another doomed merger

April 27, 2016

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz tapped the former Hewlett-Packard boss to be his running mate if he can somehow win the Republican nomination. The math, after a five-state sweep by front-runner Donald Trump, is about as compelling as Fiorina’s calculus for HP’s purchase of Compaq.

Merkel down not out after Super Sunday defeat

March 14, 2016

Right-wing populists won large gains in three German state elections. Support for Angela Merkel’s coalition is waning. Yet results also show credible and determined mainstream leaders can still woo voters. This may help the chancellor to keep inner-party critics at bay.

Dixon: Turkey deal offers a lot – if it sticks

March 8, 2016

An offer to reduce disorderly migration would cut the risk of Britain leaving the EU and Greece quitting the euro. It would also shore up German Chancellor Merkel’s position, helping stabilise the EU and the Schengen Area. What it won’t do is stop anti-migrant populism in Europe.