Can countries rebrand themselves like companies?

June 12, 2015

A Lazard-WPP partnership to create “nation branding programs” raises the question. It’s one thing for a cheese or booze maker to become Mondelez or Diageo, quite another for despotic regimes or broken economies to simply rename themselves. Our columnists take a stab at a few.

A double-speak guide to modern markets

January 5, 2015

As the market perpetually shifts, so do the rhetorical stylings its players use to talk their way out of problems. The past year saw above-average creativity when it came to saying one thing and meaning another. Breakingviews offers up 10 euphemisms we’d like to see disappear.

M&A spin doctors could get swept up in the action

December 29, 2014

Financial PR specialists have been buoyed by the boom in mergers and activist investing. History suggests independent outfits like Joele Frank or Brunswick may be tempted to find an investor or bigger owner. They should at least have enough deal nous to know when to sell.

M&A spin doctors take a thumping on the record

May 6, 2012

Judge Leo Strine has called them out for blabbing confidential data in Martin Marietta’s hostile $5.3 bln offer for rival Vulcan. The sand and gravel outfit will pay the price of an order blocking the bid. But the reputation of deal flacks may also take a lasting hit.