Digesting Krispy Kreme may require more sweetener

May 9, 2016

JAB has baked a 25 pct premium into its $1.4 bln offer to take the donut maker private. The billionaire-backed owner of coffee sellers Keurig and Peet’s should be able to boost sales and margins. But Krispy Kreme may prove too appetizing for others to pass up without a fight.

Cox: Two signs of M&A bacchanal’s last hurrah

By Rob Cox
December 1, 2015

The boom just topped $4 trln, helped along by one telltale massive deal and another much smaller one. Pfizer’s takeover of Allergan is clearly predicated on exploiting tax loopholes while a U.S. retailer is getting into the pizza racket. Both indicate a cycle well past its peak.

Yum split offers value with chance of aftertaste

October 20, 2015

The KFC parent will hive off its troubled China business into a separate traded company - as suggested by activist Corvex. It’s logical: the two parts are effectively separate already. The catch is that the U.S. unit will still share Chinese growth risks, but without the control.

Irrational U.S. waiter tips under healthy attack

October 16, 2015

Everything is wrong with America’s practice of giving gratuities. It’s unjust to waiters, more unjust to other staff, bad for the enterprise, hard on customers and an invitation to cheat on taxes. Maybe Shake Shack impresario Danny Meyer can help end an irrational tradition.

Shake Shack unveils a cluckin’ $250 mln sandwich

May 22, 2015

The value of Danny Meyer’s upscale burger chain shot up 8.5 pct, seemingly on news that it may start outlets serving up chicken-based fare. Investors seeking signs of exuberance in wearables might do better looking at edibles. Shake Shack is now worth 550 times earnings.

McDonald’s serves up Earth Day nugget

April 22, 2015

The fast food chain aims to end its role in deforestation, following agriculture giant ADM’s lead. Investors, whose pressure helped, are also alert to climate change and water risks. Such shifts boost the annual homage to the planet, but they are bite-sized appetizers at best.

Shake Shack IPO disappoints in taste test

December 30, 2014

Celebrity restaurateur Danny Meyer’s global chain of burger joints is serving up some of the uncommon fixings found in new tech stocks. Two classes of shares and creative financial metrics are unappetizing. At least the bottom line offers a sweet refreshment to wash it all down.

Ushering Eric Cantor to revolving door

By Rob Cox
August 7, 2014

The summer parlor game from Wall Street to K Street to Meadow Lane in the Hamptons is guessing where the former U.S. House majority leader will work after decamping from Congress. It’s easy to imagine how a recruiter might try to put his experience to good – and lucrative – use.

Priceline’s OpenTable buy is costly appetizer

June 13, 2014

The $64 bln online travel outfit is paying a 46 pct premium – $2.6 bln in cash – to snag the restaurant reservation site. Each helps small businesses and customers find each other. But the tariff only makes sense if Priceline can plug many more of both into OpenTable worldwide.

From Ally to Zoe’s, IPOs hint at back to basics

April 15, 2014

Investors had an appetite for most any new issue until last week. Six of 10 offerings couldn’t fetch the desired price and six were yanked as fear again mingled with greed. A fresh crop of sellers, including Moelis and Weibo, may encounter a more rational market than expected.