Voracious buyers find the meat on Sara Lee’s bones

June 4, 2014

The conglomerate broke up into Hillshire and D.E Master Blenders in 2012 after spurning a $12 bln offer. That was a raw deal - until now. Add the latest bid in the war for the sausage maker to the coffee unit’s sale and a special dividend and owners may finally make good.

Douwe Egberts listing has to create its own buzz

June 6, 2012

Sara Lee’s $5 bln-plus coffee spin-off is percolating towards the Amsterdam exchange. The maker of Douwe Egberts is uncomfortably big in sleepy bits of the coffee market. But the cast-off could thrive if its top team capitalises on lessons learned in beer and baby food.

Norway SWF wages lone governance crusade

October 8, 2009

Norway's $420 billion oil fund is rattling the cage of some of the foreign companies in which it has invested. As a shareholder it deserves praise for putting its head above the parapet. But as a sovereign wealth fund it is treading a fine line.