Credit Suisse’s future is mid-table drabness

October 23, 2014

The Swiss group’s investment bank trumped Wall Street in Q3. But it’s no longer a top-tier player in any standalone business line, and questions linger over its ability to maintain strong fixed income returns if rates rise. Muted expectations should apply to other divisions too.

GDP-linked debt could make finance safer

January 9, 2012

Ordinary fixed-interest securities are prone to default. Inflation-linked debt gives investors few of the benefits of economic expansion. Equities bring exposure to growth but are much more risky. Bonds with payments that vary with GDP could give investors a happier medium.

China throws a juicy bone to foreign brokers

By Wei Gu
May 8, 2012

The likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will be able to own 49 percent of their China securities ventures, from 33 percent. It still doesn’t match the heavy lifting they do, but is progress. Given the securities market’s potential, the extra investment should be worth it.

ABS recovery still a way off

October 27, 2009

Is mortgage securitisation making a comeback? Nationwide Building Society has just sold 3.5 billion pounds of mortgage-backed bonds, just the second deal this year after a similar transaction by Lloyds last month.

WestLB saved by bad bank bell

October 7, 2009

The bank rescue fund Soffin has given WestLB some breathing space to sort out the rest of its balance sheet. The move also provides Germany’s federal government a greater say over the country’s troublesome regional banks.

Standards slip with FSA’s listing regime

September 28, 2009

Just as the head of the UK's Financial Services Authority is warning against the dangers of allowing competition to drive regulation, the watchdog has approved a new set of listing rules which do just that.