Rob Cox: Wall Street’s rave party feels the drop

By Rob Cox
September 3, 2015

Robert Sillerman’s attempt to roll up the electronic dance music business is collapsing not long after UBS, Barclays and Jefferies helped his SFX Entertainment go public. Live Nation may once again turn out to be the buyer of a Sillerman creation, but this time will be different.

Music raves better off in clubs than Wall Street

By Rob Cox
July 25, 2013

Just don’t tell Robert F.X. Sillerman, who’s rolling up the electronic dance music business under one big disco ball the way he did rock concerts. Much of the $175 mln SFX Entertainment wants to raise in an IPO is already committed to deals. This party promises a bad hangover.

Wall Street lets itself go for dance rave IPO

By Rob Cox
October 9, 2013

Investors shelled out $260 mln to get past the velvet ropes and into the debut of SFX, Robert Sillerman’s electronic dance music promotion roll-up. Besides an overdose of Molly, the best explanation may be the “my grandson likes that Skrillex guy” school of stock investing.