Malaysia Airlines plight points to riskier world

July 18, 2014

Fatal air passenger accidents almost never happen. Malaysia Airlines has been struck by tragedy twice in four months. The aviation industry has its own challenges. Yet even more robust businesses need to consider political risk carefully.

Southeast Asia is wrong to neglect inflation risk

March 6, 2013

Central banks in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand are turning a blind eye to rising prices in their fast-growing economies. They fear being swamped by capital inflows. But their reluctance to signal higher interest rates will make inflation harder to control in future.

Asian capital flight risk goes beyond hot money

July 15, 2013

Reversal of foreign investment flows isn't the only threat for policymakers. Domestic households too could whip out their cash as rising US interest rates make it more attractive to take money abroad. For some countries the savings arbitrage could prove damaging.

Fed brings Asia short-term relief, long-term risks

September 19, 2013

The U.S. central bank’s decision to keep printing money eases the pressure on India and Indonesia to cure their dollar addiction by squeezing domestic growth. But if the reprieve lasts more than a few months, it may encourage complacency. That poses fresh dangers for the region.