Hillary Clinton’s 1 pct dilemma gets more awkward

July 26, 2016

Progressive Senators Sanders and Warren kicked off the Democratic convention blasting the rich. With inequality atop the party platform, they expect Clinton to rein in millionaires. They are her biggest donors, however, meaning she'll be forced to ignore them at her coronation.

U.S. anti-inversion push has a harmful flipside

July 7, 2016

Treasury's plan to rein in tax-motivated overseas M&A takes aim at intercompany loans. It's a good idea to curb so-called earnings stripping where deductible interest is sent to an overseas parent. The proposed rule is broad, however, and could hurt normal funding practices.

UK’s tax cut goal: calm business, scare Brussels

July 4, 2016

George Osborne has plans to cut the UK's already-low corporate tax rate to near-Irish 15 pct levels. It might stop domestic business jumping ship post-Brexit. But the prospect of a tax haven UK also acts as a bargaining chip to use in forthcoming exit negotiations.

Stars may finally align against buyout-baron taxes

June 23, 2016

A group of self-proclaimed “patriotic millionaires” wants to close a loophole that allows private-equity partners to pay lower taxes on investment profit. Clinton and Trump both back the idea, too. Though efforts in Congress have failed for years, fresh momentum is building.

Dixon: How to rehabilitate capitalism

February 1, 2016

The classic leftist response to capitalism’s unfairness - tax and spend - has failed. A better bet is to fight unfairness caused by corruption, vested interests and tax cheating, while investing in education. India and Italy show some of the right ideas.

Johnson-Tyco inversion is insured against politics

January 25, 2016

U.S. building-controls maker Johnson Controls’ $16 bln purchase of Ireland-domiciled Tyco risks becoming a target for critics of tax-reducing deals. But with an expected $500 mln of yearly savings and a low 11 pct premium for Tyco’s owners, tax savings are gravy, not meat.

GE making wicked smaht HQ move to Boston

By Rob Cox
January 13, 2016

Despite being the capital of a state once derided as Taxachusetts, Beantown ticks boxes for a hulking global company. Relocating from a sleepy part of Connecticut to a university town with a startup and engineering culture, and solid infrastructure, should advance GE’s makeover.

Dixon: EU enters brave new world of bank bail-ins

January 4, 2016

Europe has wasted too much taxpayers’ money rescuing failing lenders. So it is right to try to get investors to help foot the bill in future. But the tough new regime carries political risks which could make the rumpus caused by recent bail-ins in Italy and Portugal look minor.

Banks’ low UK tax bill hands ammo to EU exit camp

December 23, 2015

Seven big investment banks paid just $31 mln of UK corporation tax on profit of $5.3 bln in 2014, Reuters has found. Historic losses reduced the bills, and taxes paid by employees remain chunky. But the revelations will help those agitating for Britain to quit the European Union.

Gulf states are on a collision course with tax

December 23, 2015

Wealthy populations in Arab sheikhdoms have mostly been spared taxation. Falling oil prices make that untenable. Laws are being drafted in the UAE for new levies on companies and consumers to offset falling revenue. Other countries in the region will follow.