Wall Street in grip of Geithner nostalgia

By Rob Cox
December 2, 2014

When the former U.S. Treasury boss made a surprise visit to a recent gathering of bank CEOs, the warm welcome he received could be misinterpreted as appreciation for an old softy. In fact, it was recognition that the current regime doesn’t have its heart in financial regulation.

Review: A crisis-like evaluation of “Stress Test”

May 12, 2014

To judge the merits of Tim Geithner’s reflections, six Breakingviews columnists digested different pieces in a short amount of time. Like the regulators who often lacked broader context, the assessments vary. Yet there’s also consensus it’s a useful tome for the financial library.

Regulator grudge match redux: Geithner vs Bair

June 21, 2012

The former FDIC chief has formed an independent group to help push forward reforms in the U.S. financial system. The primary pressure point will be the council of regulators led by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. The two have sparred before. But their interests now look aligned.

China’s yuan rebuttal puts U.S. in a bind

March 15, 2010

Name-calling doesn't hurt -- unless the tag happens to be "currency manipulator". U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has a month to decide whether to lay that epithet on China in his half-yearly report. Premier Wen Jiabao's muscular denial this weekend that the yuan is undervalued makes that more likely. But retaliation would be costly for the United States.

AIG still needs charmed future to repay taxpayers

January 26, 2010

The role of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner in the $180 billion bailout of American International Group is under scrutiny in Washington. Yet whatever the outcome of Wednesday's hearing of the House Oversight Committee, AIG still owes American taxpayers some $124 billion.

GMAC shows it’s time to roll up TARP

November 2, 2009

The end result is a sort of crony capitalism where TARP money -- originally meant for buying toxic bank assets -- is propping up a politically sensitive sector of the economy while subjecting it to political control.