Jack Dorsey may want to pull a Marissa Mayer soon

July 27, 2016

The Twitter CEO's plan to get the $13 bln social-media firm to take wing has been mostly ineffective. Revenue and user growth are slowing. Now would be a good time to find a suitor. The human news feed could find a home on the island of misfit media assets Verizon is assembling.

Twitter may score big with football digital rights

April 5, 2016

Jack Dorsey’s social-media firm won permission to stream 10 NFL games for a reported $10 mln. That’s the price of a one-minute Super Bowl ad, making the deal a cheap way to up the $12 bln service’s user base. Twitter may finally gain some ground against rivals like Facebook.

Viewsroom: Pandora putsch, MetLife slam, M&A scam

April 1, 2016

The music-streaming service picks a golden-oldie CEO, while the mega-insurer sheds its too-big-to-fail tag. Plus: Even Wall Street pros can fall prey to determined swindlers.

Twitter lacks love more than numbers in its flock

February 11, 2016

Users at the $10 bln social-media platform have topped out at about 320 mln. Getting 25 pct more dollars out of each in the fourth quarter than the third isn’t bad. CEO Jack Dorsey wants a better user experience, but he also needs to turn more of his pricey R&D into revenue.

Twitter’s permanent revolution invites interlopers

January 25, 2016

Four top executives have stepped down, according to CEO Jack Dorsey, via a tweet. Management turmoil hasn’t done any favors for the $12 bln media business. With the stock below its IPO price and Dorsey also running Square, a takeover could spare Twitter a fate like Yahoo’s.

Top trades of 2016: Clinton, Mayer, Isis and Uber

December 18, 2015

A survey of Breakingviews readers suggests that a year from now, the U.S. will have its first female president and Yahoo’s CEO may be free to give her a hand. Uber’s valuation will stall, as worries about Islamic State accelerate. In other news, Twitter hasn’t made us any happier.

Twitter CEO’s creative giveback is promising start

October 23, 2015

Jack Dorsey is donating a third of his stake in the $20 bln microblogging site, or about $200 mln worth, to the employee compensation pool. The move should engender some needed loyalty after his decision to moonlight as CEO of Square. Twitter could use more such bold ideas.

Square float is missing three sides

October 15, 2015

The U.S. payments upstart’s IPO narrative is based on growth, but it’s missing three other critical storylines. It’s losing money. Governance is compromised, with dual-class stock and a part-time CEO in Jack Dorsey. And the company’s allies may have incentives to become rivals.

Twitter patches broken wing with chairman choice

By Rob Cox
October 14, 2015

Putting Google’s Omid Kordestani atop the board kills two birds with one appointment. It supplements Jack Dorsey’s stretched position as a two-timing CEO and adds a much-needed money man to survey a foundering business model. Ideally, they’d reverse the roles completely.

New Twitter CEO flaps with one wing behind back

October 5, 2015

Co-founder Jack Dorsey is now the micro-blogging site’s permanent boss. But he also leads payments service Square, which is considering an IPO later this year. Perhaps he can succeed at these two very demanding jobs. Twitter, though, has saddled its investors with a risky gamble.