Rob Cox: Rick Perry is running for the wrong job

July 30, 2015

The presidential candidate and ex-governor of Texas is a proponent of laissez-faire markets. Yet he has joined a global chorus of politicos and watchdogs pushing policies to break up the big banks. If he’s serious, he’d make a better Wall Street regulator than White House boss.

U.S. leaders could learn from European austerity

September 6, 2012

America is coming late to fiscal reform, following allies across the Atlantic. Noting the continent’s flubs and fixes would help either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney tackle a debt load that just surpassed $16 trln. Waiting too long may give investors time to make a new choice.

U.S. political jamborees alienate Mr. Market

September 10, 2012

The stark contrasts in tone at the Charlotte and Tampa conventions mirror the different options facing Americans. Republicans and Mitt Romney served up fiscal spinach while Democrats and Barack Obama dangled pro-worker red meat. Neither choice is likely to thrill investors.

Americans can’t feel better than companies forever

September 27, 2012

U.S. consumers are cheerier about life. But the corporate world is gloomier. If consumption jumps, it could soothe the business world’s blues. But the weak global economy and dysfunction in Washington are stunting hiring and could drag people down along with executives.