Tech’s real China syndrome victims are yet to fall

August 24, 2015

Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft lost nearly $200 bln of value in a week. China’s woes sparked the rout, but the problem was investors’ giddy faith in growth. Public tech stocks may recover. Fantasy valuations of private firms like Uber, though, will take the bigger hit.

Symantec’s Veritas sale tells truth about tech M&A

August 11, 2015

Offloading the data storage business for $8 bln to Carlyle and Singapore’s GIC ends a decade-long disaster of a deal. Like HP, eBay, Microsoft and others, Symantec discovered it’s often harder to buy than build. Trouble is, breakups and writedowns tend to perpetuate the problem.

China’s yuan: a guide for the perplexed

September 10, 2010

More international use of the yuan might increase China's trade clout, unseat the mighty U.S. dollar and make a lot of financiers very rich in the process. But it can be hard to separate the facts from the fable. Here are some questions answered.