Credit Suisse investment bank decline will persist

May 10, 2016

The Swiss bank cut costs briskly while keeping capital levels steady in the first quarter. Net margins in wealth management also outdid bigger rival UBS. But boss Tidjane Thiam’s botched restructuring of Credit Suisse’s trading arm is in danger of leaving lasting scars.

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Viewsroom: M&A overdose, Panama papers, Disney demise

April 8, 2016

The Pfizer-Allergan deal comes to a screeching halt, while a document dump exposes the elite's offshore tax finagling. Plus: An heir apparent loses the keys to the Magic Kingdom.

BTG Pactual woes echo its history in reverse

December 4, 2015

The scandal-tainted Brazilian investment bank is in talks to sell its latest acquisition, BSI. The Swiss private bank joins the list of assets on the block to shore up cash after ex-CEO André Esteves’ arrest. It’s reminiscent of how he wrested control of Pactual from UBS in 2009.

Credit Suisse will struggle to shed subpar UBS tag

October 21, 2015

New boss Tidjane Thiam is raising $6.3 bln and cutting costs to turn Credit Suisse into a wealth manager first, rather than private-cum-investment bank hybrid. Yet cross-town rival UBS is already ahead in that respect. Swiss acquisitions are logical, but growth could be elusive.

Wall Street lead over EU banks looks set in stone

June 17, 2015

European trading and advisory revenue is down 30 pct since 2010 while U.S. investment banking has grown. Now Deutsche Bank and HSBC are cutting further, even more ground will be ceded. The region’s tentative recovery and capital markets project offer only slim hope of a reversal.

UBS pulls ahead of both activist and rivals

May 5, 2015

The Swiss lender’s Q1 profit leapt 88 pct to 2 bln francs. A strong return at the leaner investment banking unit further discredits Knight Vinke’s case for an exit. And with better capital ratios on both main metrics, UBS is piling pressure on less decisive competitors.

Swiss say-on-pay bodes ill for rainmaker wallets

April 2, 2015

UBS and Credit Suisse face binding shareholder votes on executive compensation for the first time. These will judge aggregate, not individual awards. But Swiss banks must also disclose their top-paid executive. That makes it harder for dealmakers to out-earn their CEOs.

FX fines are wake-up call on self-policing

November 12, 2014

The $3.4 bln settlement for five banks works out on average at 20 pct higher than Libor – because the firms failed to mend their ways. Regulators are seeking yet tougher internal controls. Banks have a last chance to show they can treat clients fairly.

Barclays shows why it needs to do a UBS

May 6, 2014

The UK bank saw Q1 fixed-income revenue fall even more than forecast. Its Swiss peer didn’t fare much better, but UBS is already well into a wealth management-focused turnaround. While Barclays has fewer options, its strategic revamp on May 8 needs to be similarly radical.

Banks swap rewards for risk on public deals

April 9, 2014

Deutsche Bank and UBS are now loath to offer long-dated swaps to municipalities. New capital rules make the business less attractive. But after legal tussles and bad publicity in Milan and Detroit, bankers are turning away business on grounds of reputational risk.