Putin, Piketty and Draghi hit Davos in spirit only

January 23, 2015

Political and financial leaders attending the World Economic Forum’s 45th annual meeting are buzzing about rampant inequality, the ECB’s quantitative easing and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. All that’s missing from the Alpine retreat are the three provocateurs of the debates.

Only Putin can stop rouble’s fall

November 7, 2014

Russia’s currency is sinking. The central bank is blameless. Neither intervention nor higher rates can support the rouble. The economy is deteriorating and reform hopes are fading as Moscow retreats into isolation. The situation will persist until the president changes policy.

Russian central bank intervention is a dead end

October 8, 2014

The central bank of Russia is buying roubles on the market, but the exchange rate keeps sinking. The economy has deep structural flaws, worsened by Putin’s aggressive foreign policy. There are many reasons to take capital out of Russia. For the currency, the only way is down.

Vladimir Putin is the new bad weather

August 4, 2014

The bogeyman of Ukrainian unrest is replacing snow as a reason to expect worse earnings. Just ask VW, Adidas or McDonald’s. The World Cup goes the other way, helping Adidas (again), Twitter and maybe Disney. The message could be muddled when Russia and soccer converge in 2018.

Review: Putting a face on the Kremlin’s autocrat

March 23, 2012

In a book that is both thoroughly reported and unashamedly militant, Masha Gessen throws unforgiving light on the mysteries, omissions and lies at the core of the Vladimir Putin story.

Welcome to Sochi, Putin’s Potemkin village

February 7, 2014

The Russian president made the Winter Olympics his personal project and wanted it to be a symbol of Russia’s power. But the games will mostly throw light on the economy’s deep problems - and the autocratic president’s unwillingness, or inability, to address them.